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Raymond Y. Ambrogio

Raymond was born in Monaco and came to the USA by boat with his Parents, Yvonne, and Jean Ambrogio, when he was eight years old. They lived in Merced for a short while with relatives, then made their home on Paris Street in San Francisco. He attended Corpus Christi Elementary School and Riordan High School. He went on to attend San Francisco State Collage and graduated with a degree in teaching. Teaching brought him real joy, and whether it was in California or Australia, a year ago or twenty, he remembered his kids. And kids loved him — they remembered him, even when he only taught them for a day.

He served in the Army as a medic and was wounded while giving medical aid to a soldier in his platoon. He took great care to be sure his fellow platoon members were taken to the helicopter while he held back, then he crawled to the safety of the helicopter. He was awarded the Purple Heart with the Valor medal attached.

All through his life he has made lasting friendships, and was still in touch with some friends before his passing.
He made a beautiful life with Lillian Serna, his first wife, and raised two wonderful children. Jackie and Daniel. He had endless love and pride for his children, and every time he spoke with or about them, he would beam.

Raymond also leaves behind his second Wife, Shelly Sue Ambrogio, by whose side he helped raise a grandchild, and welcomed another into the world. He was the kindest, most devoted grandfather, and the gentleness of his care will always be admired. His love lives on in the families of his children and his step-children.

Raymond was deeply loved by all his family and his extended family, and all who came in his path. He was a true heart, and a wonderful human being. The world will be amiss without him.